Rent a Character:

offers mascot character costume rentals local.  We rent & ship our professional mascot character costumes out for children's birthday parties, small social events, church functions, schools, daycares,  and family picnics and more.  Our character costumes are cleaned after each and every rental.  The costumes that are pictured on our website are the exact costumes that you receive!

Not only do you receive the highest quality mascot costume rental available, you also get the following Freebie!!!

Party Bag (Boy/Girl)

Why is it better to Rent a Character Costume????

What if:you would like to take additional photos before or after the party in the comfort of your own home with your child or the other children.

What if:there are children who come late to the party and miss the character and the opportunity for photos.


When you Rent the Character Costume, there are two ways that you can receive it. First, we can meet up with you to give it to you. Or you could have the costume shipped to you to be in your home by theFriday before the weekend of your event and it's not shipped back until Monday!

It will be the Greatest Party you've Ever Had!

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